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Providing training for people to see beyond their visual perception, expanding conscious awareness increasing intuition.

Seeing Without Eyes

Improves confidence learning abilities academic performance memory, concentration and focus.

About InfoVision

It is brain-mind-consciousness development for children and adults.

InfoVision is referred to as seeing without the eyes, may also be called para-optic vision or extra-ocular vision EOV and in some parts of the world ‘mid brain activation’. The ability of seeing without engaging the use of the physical eyes.

The program is a vehicle for brain-mind development. This is because the development of this extra-sensory ability greatly increases a child’s ability to concentrate, retain information, to listen, to focus, and to remain emotionally calm and stable. It is wonderful for children who are faced with social challenges, broken homes, poor grades, children who are sensitive and gifted, children who are bullied, and children who generally lack self-esteem.

Most children and adults use a relatively a small percentage of the mind when engaged in conscious thinking.  InfoVision training opens the potential for people to use a much larger percentage as they expand the mind by utilizing images that work with the Sub-conscious Mind.  The image work component of InfoVision sessions develops intuition, which is a function of the Pre-conscious Mind – this act to strengthen the Conscious Mind.

What do children learn during the Mind-Vision workshop? They learn to ‘see’ directly, with their minds eye and experience increased intuition. Results vary from person to person.

How are they going to achieve this?

The trainer shall cover the children’s eyes with a lightproof 3D mask and then slowly, while playing fun games described further in this Handbook, they start to ‘see’ the objects around them; to the point where they can read while blindfolded. Actually, children learn much more.

That is precisely what children are taught during the Mind-Vision workshop: to develop the four mind characteristics such as : attention, patience, determination, and perseverance.

Wearing the Mindfold lightproof mask, children learn to perceive the visual information from the surrounding world without using their eyes.

What it does for children and Adults.

  • Increased IQ and EQ, with a direct positive impact on school performance. At the same time, the ‘multiple intelligences’ identified by the American psychologist Howard Gardner are activated.
  • Improved communication skills (both on the speech and the inter-relationship level);
  • Improved motor skills, hence better sports abilities.
  • Improved personality traits
  • Increased personal spirituality
  • Expands conscious awareness
  • Increases intuition and decision making

All parents of the children who have attended the Mind-Vision workshop have noticed that their children developed higher self-confidence, an increased sense of responsibility, more commitment to their tasks, calmness, and optimism.

  • Balance on the emotional and the energy levels (the so-called ‘hyper-active’ children become cooperative, whereas the ‘passive’ ones become more engaged).
  • Help with developmental and learning disorders (ADD, ADHS, dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.).
  • Correction of visual acuity (glasses are no longer needed).
  • Correction of hearing acuity (hearing aids are no longer needed).
  • Initiates sudden blossoming (this is the first outcome noticed by all parents)