About the author

MKInfoVision is the methodology developed in 1999 by Mark Komissarov. named it “Activation of the center of direct information perception in the human brain”. InfoVision is a more recent and shorter name, coming from Information + Vision, that is ‘seeing the information’, both in a physical and metaphysical manner.

At the base of the InfoVision method lies Mark Komissarov’s finding that the human brain can perceive and receive information directly, bypassing the 5 usual senses.

The Authors have designed their methodology in such a way that this ability starts operating in a very short period of time. It is then the responsibility of the students to use and develop it further and further.

The Authors have conducted research on the proving that this ability is available in any brain and also on impact of learning this ability on the children’s brains (EEGs) and the specialists’ conclusions were that InfoVision changes the brainwave patterns and thus it allows for improvements in their IQ, focus and memory.

Training sessions are experiential.  No tutoring is given.  All sessions allow children and adults to experience their life force energy in a way that is tangible to them. The results vary from person to person.

Scientific research is now confirming that people have sensors in their skin that can allow them to see through their skin without the use of their eyes.  Many of the children see through their fingers, ears or abdomen.  Seeing in this way seems to remove limitations placed on traditional eyesight.  Children are able to see in 360 degrees and sometimes beyond.

When the child begins to “see” and read for the first time without the use of their physical eyes, it initiates a massive shift of energy in the room as the child’s consciousness takes a quantum leap in expansion.  It is quite unlike anything most children and their parents experience.. Everything changes for them in that moment. It’s something no one can ever take away from them and they know it!

When I first learned about the so-called “super psychic children” in Russia, Mexico and China, who could perform such feats, I thought, wow – super psychic … Now I understand that all children/adults can do it.  It’s not a matter of being super-psychic at all.   “all children can do it – all children, without exception.”  Given the opportunity, anyone can do it.  It’s simply a part of our minds that few have tapped into.

The program is easier to teach children due to their lack of self limiting beliefs and perception of reality, less memories and less judgements