All sessions are conducted in the home of the child and in comfortable quiet well light room.

How many session?

Children between Ages:

5-7 yrs 5-10 days 1 hr per day session might go over to 1.5 hrs. depending on Childs ability

7-16 yrs 10 days 1 hr per day teenagers tend to take much longer.

Adults: 10 sessions: Not available at the moment.

What to expect in a session:

The children are blindfolded for most of the sessions as they start to with colour charts then progress to identifying shapes (numbers letters) then reading, writing, drawing, solve puzzles, do their homework, perform daily tasks, play video games, walk around the room, play ball and engage in other activities. They are seeing but not using their eyes. It is an incredible thing to behold. One almost needs to see it to believe it.

Note: The older the child and more analytical the harder and longer it maybe to activate the right brain because of perceptions and beliefs and memories. the same goes for adults the more academic and analytical the person the longer it may take to see. Letting go of limited beliefs in one owns ability to see is the key.

Mind fold Masks can be purchased through this website. Get in touch via email for further instructions on payment.